RedOctane game rental reviewRedOctane is one of the oldest game rental services, dating back to August of 1999. Situated in Sunnyvale, CA, add another online game rental service stationed on the West Coast. This company’s stock of Next-Gen titles is a bit smaller than some of their competitors, and shipping time to the East Coast can take forever.

No free trial, money-back guarantee, or first month’s discount is offered.

Game Stock and Wait Times
There is no indication on the website to show if the game you want is in stock, before you sign up. Once you sign up, you can then see game availability. Something is very wrong with this. If they have the ability to show stock on their site, why don’t they show it to users before paying for their service? And with no free trial, this is very sketchy.

Keep Your Games
There is no option to keep the games you rent.

Customer Service
An email address and toll free support number is offered. I called the support number and the automated answering system asked for the last name of the person I was trying to reach (ummm, how would I know that?) or I could leave a message.

Rental Plans
2 Games Out - $18.95 per month (works out to $9.50 per game)
3 Games Out - $23.95 per month (works out to $8 per game)
5 Games Out - $39.95 per month (works out to $8 per game)

NOT Recommended
Though the rental plans at Red Octane are tempting, with no free trial or ability to see stock before paying, I cannot recommend this service. West Coasters are much better served by Game Fly.