Online video game rentals are a piece of cake. There are no late fees, shipping costs and you can keep your rentals as long as you like.

Here is the process:
your game queue
After you join one of the rental services, you select games you would like to rent on their website. You choose games you are interested in, which puts them in your game “Queue.”

games in your mailbox
The rental service sends you the games, with free shipping, and a free return shipping mailer.

You receive the game in your mailbox and may keep it as long as you like. Keep the free return mailer that comes with your game. Then you can return it quickly and easily when you are finished with your rental.

free return shipping
When you are ready to return the game, just put it back in the postage-paid mailer that came with the game. Seal it up and drop it in your mailbox. There is nothing else to it!

The rental service will receive your game, and then credit your account showing your rental as returned. They will then send the next available game in your game Queue.

happy gamer game renting
That’s all there is to it! You just keep cycling your games month after month, rental after rental. Pay your monthly membership fee (auto billed to your Credit Card), and keep or return games at your leisure.

Also, the better rental services offer the option to buy the game you have rented, at a discount price. Just log in to your account, click “Buy” or “Keep It” for the game you currently have out. Your account is charged with the discount price, and the next available game in your queue is shipped.

Video game rental just doesn’t get any easier than this.

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