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I, the Game Rental Guy, got tired of buying crap games, driving to my local Blockbuster for rentals, and paying their crazy rental prices. I decided to try out all of the online video game rental services to figure out which one was best.

I have thoroughly checked out all of these services, and use the best of them myself today. Learn from my trials and find out which service is best for you, without going to the trouble of joining them all yourself.

I have focused on rental services with Xbox 360 titles. That is the latest system available, and rental services with good coverage for it should have better new release offerings and be better rental services overall. I have only rented Xbox 360 titles, to help reflect the ability of the services to handle new releases and Next Gen console titles. You may find better or different results for older systems.

You can read the full review for each site, check out Which Service is Best for Me or see the online video game rental comparison chart.

If you join and find one of these services to perform differently from what I have written, or if you would like to send me feedback in general, please contact me.

Enjoy the site, I hope you find it useful.

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